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Custom Digitally Printed Pouches

What sets Rootree™ apart from our competitors?

What is the lead time for custom pouches?

Can you make any size and type of flexible packaging?

What are "optimized" sizes?

How many colours can I use in my design?

What are the benefits of digital printing? Are there any cylinders or plates involved?

Can I order samples?

How do I determine the best pouch size for my product?

What is the minimum order?

Do you offer a compostable option?

What compostable material options do you offer?

Are your pouches recyclable?

How do I send my art?

Creative Services

What creative services do you offer?

Can you assist me with my pouch artwork?

I have a business concept, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help launch my brand?

What web design services do you offer? What about e-commerce?

Do you offer logo updates or redesigns?

I’m struggling with social media. Can you help me?


What kind of products can you pack?

Is there a minimum order for co-packing?

What information is required from me during the co-packing process?

Are you Halal certified?

Can you pack my Certified Organic product?

Stock Pouches

What styles and sizes of pouches do you carry?

Are your stock pouches recyclable?

Do you have compostable stock bags?

Do you carry foil pouches?

Digital Labels

Can you print any size label?

What material can you print on?

What’s the lead time for labels?

How many colours can we print?

What is the minimum order for labels?