Introducing: Compostable Valves

Rootree is excited to announce the latest addition to our RT | Compostable™ lineup: compostable coffee valves! After extensive testing and searching, we have found an eco-friendly valve that meets our compostable standards and are pleased to offer this option to our environmentally conscious coffee clients (try saying that five times fast!). Did you know that freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide as a by-product of the roasting process? This is called de-gassing. If coffee is roasted and then immediately placed in a sealed bag, the bag will expand and is likely to rupture. On the other hand, if you leave it exposed to the air to de-gas, you risk losing that fresh flavour and quality. This is why de-gassing valves are so important! These one-way valves allow the carbon dioxide to escape from the bag without allowing oxygen in – that means you can immediately bag your freshly-roasted coffee without any worries about quality or exploding bags.

These compostable valves are compliant with:

Our compostable coffee valves look, work, and feel just like the conventional one-way valves, keeping your coffee fresh and leaving your customers with that eco-friendly feeling. The addition of compostable coffee valves means that the transition from conventional materials to compostable materials has become easier than ever before for our coffee clients. Contact our Sales Team today to get a sample pack or a quote for your sustainable coffee packaging project. Our compostable packaging is made from non-GMO cornstarch and sustainably sourced wood pulp materials and has been third-party certified to compost in ~8 months. Products in our RT | Compostable™ line are recommended for home composting after the removal of the zipper and/or valve. Our zippers and valves are industrial compostable, meaning they need more heat and oxygen to compost than a home composter can provide.
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Always check with your local waste management centre before placing compostable packaging in your green bin. Our compostable packaging looks and feels just like conventional packaging, so it’s highly likely to be sorted out of the compost stream into the landfill stream by waste management centres unless they specifically accept compostable packaging. Want to learn more? Visit our RT | Compostable™ page.