Digital Packaging

For our customers who are looking for a leg up on the competition with eye-catching packaging, Rootree’s digital custom pouches are a great solution.

We offer fantastic high-resolution printing on a package that is sized for your needs–simply provide us with your artwork to get the process started! Don’t have artwork? Check out our design options.


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We are also able to offer some very exciting printing technologies, including variable content, mosaic designs, HP Link, and augmented reality. With these features you can take your packaging experience to a whole new level. Find out more below:


Mosaic Printing & Variable Content

Mosaic printing allows dynamic personalization of your printed packaging.  See how Coca-Cola leveraged this technology in their Diet Coke line.


Amarula released a special edition of 400,000 bottles - made possible by using Mosaic printing, each bottle had an elephant icon which was unique from any other.


HP Link 

Brand Protection

Add security and authentication to protect against counterfeit products and product diversion.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Reduce costs in your supply chain with an efficient track and trace system as well as in the print production cycle.

Customer Engagement

Deliver a variety of rich, interactive digital experiences that can be updated at any time for ongoing customer engagement. 



Augmented Reality

Shorten the path to conversion by connecting offline marketing to online channels with an augmented reality experience that directs customers to points of sale, landing pages, social engagement channels, and more. Customers see success across diverse KPIs and goals, with click-through and engagement rates that significantly outperform industry averages for digital and mobile.


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