Wabanaki Glamour Shot
Can you smell the maple in the air? That’s 100% Indigenous and female-owned Wabanaki from Neqotkuk, Tobique First Nation. For many years, Indigenous Peoples of the First Nations harvested this savory sap from the maple trees of Canada. With its healing and nourishing powers, they have cherished maple syrup for centuries. Wabanaki continues to make products reflecting the Indigenous culture and sharing their traditions throughout Canada.
The founder of Wabanaki, Jolene, put a twist on the classic maple syrup with their signature line of Barrel Aged Maple Syrup products of bourbon, whiskey, and toasted oak. To complement the tasty line of products, Rootree’s Creative Services team came in to make sure the packaging looked as good as the product tastes!
Wabanaki Maple Sugar
Wabanaki - Whisky Barrel Smokey Chips
Having used our digital printing services in the past, Wabanaki was looking to work with our Creative team to roll out their maple sugar and smoker chips SKUs. Rootree’s design team began with the design of their maple sugar stand-up pouches. Already having high-end, maple syrup bottles, Wabanaki wanted the same elegant aesthetic to be carried over into their pouch design.
To showcase its beautiful, unique product, Rootree’s designers created a unique window shape on matte black finish. This new window features perfectly aligned with the Wabanaki brand, while showing off their tasty maple sugar and rich smelling smoker chips.
After providing various options and collaborative brainstorming sessions, Wabanaki landed on the design that highlighted both the product and the brand. Being a one-stop shop, the design team smoothly sent the new design to our printers, and we were able to see their pouches come to life. Wabanaki is happy with the outcome of the customized pouches and continues to use our digital printing services.