Our Team

These are the people who make the magic happen.

Kylie Johnson

Creative Director & Marketing Manager
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Kylie, also known as our fearless leader, gets the greatest fulfillment from mentoring and coaching creative minds. Kylie is an experienced B2B/B2C marketer with an accomplished background and passion for graphic design. Kylie has a natural talent for understanding clients’ needs and crafting their ideal vision—even if they didn’t know it themselves. Redefining the modern-day hustler, she is a marketer by day and maker by night. Kylie spends her free time sewing sustainable pet beds under the watchful eye of her two cute kittens (children), Merida and Wheezy.

Jess Hirst

Sr. Graphic Designer
Is there anything Jess can’t do? Our incredibly talented Sr. Graphic Designer will never shy away from a challenge. With a strong background in design and advertising, Jess always comes up with stellar ideas for branding and perfectly captures the essence of any brand she works with! In her spare time, she is an avid hiker and kayaker and loves spending time with her adorable Ragdoll kitty named Ollie.

Cory Hughes

Front End Web Designer & Developer
One of Rootree’s Web Wizards, there’s nothing Cory can’t do- from designing websites, to speaking in code, and to building the most complex plastic models. Starting his career in graphic design, Cory slowly transitioned to web development industry where he has been mastering his skills for the past 10 years. You’ll find Cory breaking for Kit Kats, unwinding to a good audiobook, and making bad jokes sound good.

Melanie Prentice

Social Media & Content Marketing Associate

Phone in hand, Melanie is always ready to capture the perfect pic for the ‘gram! Content creator, creative writer, PR and marketing specialist, she is your go-to gal if your social media channels are in need of a revamp! An experienced copy writer in beauty, lifestyle, tech, food/nutrition, wellness, travel (just to name a few) Melanie loves bringing a brand’s voice to life. When in need of a digital detox, Melanie loves spending time outdoors with her sweet rescued elder pitbull, Nina, and enjoying a strong cuppa tea.

Siana Wenzel

Marketing Specialist
Siana, our fantastic bilingual Marketing Specialist is a woman of many talents! From crafting the most engaging content to being adaptable to any brand’s voice, sky’s the limit for Siana! Lover of travelling, tasting delicious food and taking stunning lifestyle photography, Siana is a strong asset to the Creative Services team. In her “off time” (if she has such a thing) she can be found baking THE most delicious treats and writing the sweetest poems, just to make you smile!

Kelsey Leduc

Graphic Designer
With over 10 years of experience as a professional Graphic Designer, you bet Kelsey is a master of her craft. Specializing in illustration, Kelsey is an expert at bringing your brands vision to life. When not creating out-of-this-world designs, Kelsey loves playing video games while snuggling with her two cats, Leon and Sam! Speaking of snuggling, Kelsey also spends her free time sewing the most adorable plush robots.

Jesse Conner

Back End Web Developer & Programmer
Jesse is a Back End Web Developer (aka. Web Wizard) providing the behind-the-scenes magic to make sure websites and integrations run buttery smooth. Jesse began his career in computer programming and there’s no web issue he can’t fix! Over the past decade he has become an expert back-end developer & programmer as well as a budding data scientist with a passion for automation. When he is not in front of the computer he loves going for walks and exploring the outdoors.

Jordan Sudac

Jr. Social Media Specialist
Nothing gets past our Jr. Social Media Specialist, Jordan! Always speedy and up to date with the current social and marketing trends, Jordan specializes in blog writing and communications. With a love of sports, fitness, and staying active, Jordan has previously been a Varsity Sports reporter and oversaw the social media for the entire Athletics Department at Laurier. When Jordan’s not writing content for Rootree’s socials, she likes to relax with a good book.

Kimberly Wang

Jr. Front End Web Designer
Kimberly, our Jr. Front End Web Designer and web wiz loves to think outside the box to provide different solutions to the trickiest of web problems. With a background in Interactive Media Design, Kimberly specializes in building beautiful and user-friendly websites and she’s always up to date with the latest design trends! Lover of travelling, music, and food, Kimberly gets her inspiration from the slightest things such as scents, a witty commercial or even a good film soundtrack!

Mia Semeniuk

Jr. Content Marketing Associate
There’s honestly nothing our Marvelous Mia can’t do! As a core member of the social squad, Mia is recognized for her magnificent talent of adapting to any brand voice and creating the most engaging content. Never one to back away from a challenge, Mia always puts 100% effort into everything she creates. Mia has the most wonderous imagination, her creativity doesn’t stop at her writing abilities. She’s a master painter, piano player, and quickly gaining mad photoshop skills. Fun fact, Mia has a stellar ear for music and can pinpoint any score to any movie soundtrack (even incredibly specific songs such as “Oogway Ascends” from the film Kung-Fu Panda.)

Internship Program

This is an internship where you won’t ever be asked to get coffee.
The Rootree internship program was created for students in a Graphic Design, Marketing or Web Development program to gain a combination of real-world boutique agency and internal marketing experience. Interns have the opportunity to build, create, design, and collaborate on several different client projects throughout their internship. We’re a small, close-knit team, and we’ve designed our internship program to ensure interns have hands-on opportunities to learn from some amazing Sr. Professionals in the industry!

Mia Semeniuk

Social Media Intern

Margaret Bl

Graphic Design Intern

Marina Chisholm

Graphic Design Intern

Highlights from Our Work

Every client project kicks off with a brand development consultation to make sure we know exactly what your product goals are. From there we take each design step together, ensuring we have met your needs and exceeded your expectations. With our talented Creative Team and our cutting-edge printing technologies, we will ensure your business looks good on the shelf, online, and in print.