Compostable Stand-Up Pouch

Product Specifications



  • Great for a variety of dry food products:

    • Product Categories that can be Served with this film
      • Standard Herbal Teas:
      • Green, White and Black Tea
      • Protein Powder
      • Sugar
      • Table Salt/Sea Salt
      • Spices - No Turmeric
      • Flour
      • Candies
      • Coffee
      • Superfoods*
      • Grains
      • Nuts/Seeds
    • Product Categories that are not supported with this film
      • Chemicals
      • Bath Salts
      • Liquids
      • Refrigerated Items
      • Frozen items
      • Products Containing:
        • Cacao
        • Matcha
        • Colorants
        • Vinegar
        • Citrus
        • Ginger
        • Turmeric
  • Contact our Sales team to discuss your specific product and/or order samples to test your products’ compatibility.


  • Enjoy the benefits of flexible packaging without the guilt. Rootree™ Compostable packaging is the go-to-choice for our eco-conscious clients.
  • Pre-determined sizes allow us to reduce manufacturing waste by up to 75%
  • Inks certified for use in compostable packaging
  • We also offer our products in Rootree™ Recyclable options



  • Clear materials allow for product viewing windows


  • Request a sample pack to determine your product's best fit
  • It is not recommended to exceed double the indicated pouch weight in product. (Example: a pouch with a max weight of 250g pouch should not be filled with over 500g of product)
  • It is highly recommended to close the pouch zipper before heat sealing.

*What to expect with Rootree's Compostable Packaging

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