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Small Business Wisdom from an NPEE Exhibitor

You wouldn’t wear pyjamas to a job interview, and you wouldn’t wear a suit and tie to the beach. First impressions are what people will remember you by; the smile on your face and the energy you give. In the same way, your packaging is the face of your brand.

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Summer Interns 2022

Our Summer Intern Program at Rootree offers students and young professionals the chance to flourish in the early stages of their careers. Every year, we are always so lucky to be able to have such an incredible group of creative minds join our team for the summer.

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The best eco-friendly packaging materials: 2022 edition

In today’s world, eye-catching designs are not the first thing consumers look for in product packaging. They also consider the package’s material, source, and impact on the environment. As a result, eco-friendly packaging materials are taking over and becoming more popular.

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