Artwork Guidelines

The artwork submission process is an important step in ensuring your product is delivered on time looking great.

PDF Version of our Artwork Guidelines


A dieline file must be requested once the package dimensions have been finalized. This will indicate all dimensions, gussets, zippers, tear notches, hang holes, sealing lines and any other features that you have requested.

If you’re using one of our optimized sizes, your dieline may be found here:

Creating your Artwork

Artwork must be created in Adobe Illustrator. Place all of your artwork on the Art layer, leaving all other layers intact. Be sure to review the Artwork Submission Requirements thoroughly before creating your art. Artwork created in other programs will cause file errors and delays in the proofing process.

Making a compostable package? View these additional guidelines regarding the compostable logo:

Compostable Guidelines

Artwork Submission

If your artwork is not in an acceptable format as requested, it will be rejected. It is your responsibility to make the necessary changes and re-submit the artwork. Please see the Artwork Submission Requirements on the following pages for all details.

Electronic Proofs

We will provide an electronic proof of your artwork in PDF format. This proof must be reviewed and approved with a signature prior to your work being scheduled for production.

A Note About Informal Artwork Review

*INFORMAL ARTWORK REVIEW is not a mandatory step in the production and is only used for us to become familiar with the proposed job and help the quotation process. At the time of informal review we do not evaluate or review artwork for production-readiness.

Artwork Submission Requirements

1. File Requirements
    1. Artwork must be supplied on an official Rootree dieline.
    2. Artwork must be supplied in Adobe Illustrator native files or high-resolution PDF.
      1. Adobe Illustrator – Provide one (1) compressed (zip) file with all files, including:
        1. fonts
        2. images (300dpi at full size for optimal results)
        3. vector elements in one compressed file (zip)
      2. High-Resolution PDF – Follow these specific output parameters to avoid extra Prepress
        charges in working with your supplied pdf:

        1. colour space is CMYK.
        2. document Raster Effect Settings set to High (300ppi or above).
        3. export PDF: Press Quality preset, change version to Acrobat 6 (1.5).
        4. ensure ‘Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities’ is checked.
        5. ensure ‘Create Acrobat Layers from Top Level Layers’ is checked.
    3. All layers must be included – do not flatten any files.
    4. Ensure that no text or other elements are set with the ‘overprint’ attribute
    5. All text must be supplied in ‘outlines’ as well as a separate ‘live text’ file with fonts.
    6. All image files should be linked and included with your art submission (not embedded).
2. Colours
  1. Images must be created in CMYK colour mode – US Web Coated SWOP V2 (RGB colour mode is not supported)
  2. For spot colours, reference only the Pantone Solid Coated colour book (PANTONE #). Percentages
    of a PMS # will not be colour matched.
  3. All ‘transparent’ areas in the artwork must be designated with a custom spot colour, and the layer
    must be
    named ‘Transparent’.
  4. White ink support may be required in order to achieve accurate colour representation on some
3. Barcodes
  1. Rootree prints barcodes, QR codes and any other scannable codes as
    supplied and are not responsible for scan-ability. Customers are
    responsible for ensuring that supplied codes are scannable and register
    the proper result. To reduce the event of scanning issues, Rootree
    recommends all barcodes and QR codes be outlined vector art and
    scaled to no less than 85% of the original generated code.

Design Fees

Rootree recommends enlisting the services of a professional graphic designer to ensure your artwork meets all of the requirements above. Did you know we have our own in-house creative agency – let us help. If artwork does not meet these requirements, our team can make the necessary adjustments at the following hourly rates:

Pre-Press – $150/hr – Adjust artwork to meet requirements for production readiness.

Creative Services – please review our services and pricing.

Additional Notes

  1. It is the duty of the customer to ensure all artwork is checked thoroughly for any errors. Rootree is not responsible for reviewing content for spelling, or other errors.
  2. During the printing, laminating, and converting processes, deviations are possible. Quality control processes are in place to identify and remove deviations that fall outside industry tolerances.
  3. Due to the complexity of films and standard manufacturing practices, Rootree has a shift tolerance of 3-5mm. This applies to artwork, tear notches, valves, zippers, tin ties, seal widths, gussets and hang holes.
  4. Due to cutting tolerances of 2-3mm, it is possible for products printed edge-to edge to show an overlap of the design on the final product. If this is not acceptable, it is recommended to keep approximately 5mm of print-free space. Due to production limitations, it is possible for products which are printed edgeto-edge to show a small 2-3mm* break line with no colour, which will appear the same colour as the substrate. If this is not acceptable, it is recommended to keep approximately 5mm of print-free space. * Exceptional conditions can lead to tolerances of 3-5mm
  5. Due to printing variables, slight changes in colour may be present from one batch to the next and in rare occasions within a batch.
  6. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the colours prior to production. If requested, film proofs can be provided in addition to the PDF proofs and must also be signed off by the customer.
  7. Design fees must be paid in advance, prior to production-readiness, and it is the duty of the customer to ensure all artwork changes or adjustments are checked thoroughly for any errors.

PDF version of these Artwork Guidelines

Still have questions about the submission process? Contact for assistance.