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ROOTREE is spearheading a global movement to achieve a greener packaging identity that addresses all part of the packaging lifecycle. We do this by investing into technologies and adopting procedures that allow us to manufacture products with up to 75% less waste than conventional packaging manufacturing. We are working diligently to develop and bring forward the availability and price competitiveness of alternative materials such as compostable, easier-to-recycle & renewable packaging.  Not everything in this adventure of more environmentally conscious packaging is what it seems, and we are here to provide options.

By working closely with our customers & fostering packaging awareness we can shape a beautiful future, one success at a time. 

Be Part of the Movement.

SP Canada is now Rootree!

Here are some of the reasons behind this change, and some others which you will learn to discover in this new exciting face of our existence:

1. To demonstrate and establish our commitment in the industry to be the most environmentally conscious packaging company in the world and to spearhead the global movement towards a responsible and sustainable packaging environment.

2. To allow customers to understand that we are not only manufacturers of premium digital printed pouches; but also offer amazing design services, co-packing, fulfillment and more…

3. To launch an educational platform to showcase the true facts behind packaging, how and whether it gets recycled, what happens with plastic waste, the differences between compostable, bio-degradable, etc. so that we can make every consumer aware of the truth and not just that everything in flexible packaging is “recyclable”

4. To actively work with our local community to make greener spaces by planting 1 tree for every 1 million pouches produced.

The Rootree Mission

Be a part of the movement

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