So you’re considering compostable?

Fantastic! At Rootree, we are passionate about sustainability and we are always so excited when a customer shares our passion.
Our compostable packaging is available with various barrier properties to ensure that your products stay fresh while having a low environmental impact.

Now, we know that nature is pretty perfect, however there’s a reason that conventional plastics have been in heavy use since the 50’s – conventional materials can be processed over and over again until the appearance of the final product is flawless. But “flawless” isn’t why our customers choose compostable; they make this choice because they want to do their part in pushing society towards a sustainable future..

With that in mind, there are a few distinct features that you may notice about our compostable packaging and we want to put everything out on the table:
Rootree Compostable Packaging Stand Up Pouch Example

Optimal Storage Conditions

This packaging will perform at its best when used within 6 months of delivery from Rootree. It is best stored between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit at 30-50% relative humidity. Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, freezing cold, dry ice, and other extreme conditions.


This versatile clear film allows for “windows” to be created in your artwork to showcase your product. However, due to the natural components of these films, the windows will have diminished clarity. Contact sales to request a sample.


As with any item, proper handling is required to ensure the best performance. Your pouches will be well-packed when they leave our facility, however, we cannot be responsible for any defects resulting from improper handling processes. We recommend taking steps to ensure that others who are handling your products take good care of them. A little extra protection in shipping & handling goes a long way.

Recommended Use

We always recommend that our customers request samples to test their product(s) in, as the materials can sometimes react differently to ingredients found in certain products. As a result, the packaging may begin to degrade prematurely or differently with certain products. Rootree will not be held responsible for any such conflicts. The following products have not shown any premature degradation in our in-house testing:
  • standard herbal teas (green, white, black)
  • protein powder
  • sugar
  • table salt and sea salt
  • spices*
  • flour
  • candies
  • coffee
  • superfoods*
  • grains
  • nuts and seeds
*Exclusions apply
If you are unsure whether your product is suitable in our packaging made of compostable materials, please consult your Sales Rep.

It is not recommended to fill pouches to a weight that is more than double the indicated pouch weight (for example, a pouch sized for 250g of coffee should not be filled with more than 500g of any product).
It is highly recommended to close the pouch zipper before heat sealing.

Compostable Identification Logo

Your company is making an impact – now it’s time to shout it from the rooftops! The world of compostable products is a complicated one, and we want to make sure that the end consumer is informed about what they’re buying. To this end, we have created an identification logo that we require be placed in a visible location on your packaging.

Life Cycle

The next important question – “But what will my customers do with this?”. We suggest that end users add their empty compostable pouches to their backyard compost pile. Of course, not everyone has access to a home composter - that’s why this product is also industrial compostable for facilities that are outfitted with compatible composting equipment.

We wish it were as simple as tossing it into the municipal green bin, but since this pouch looks and feels like a traditional flexible pouch, most waste management centres cannot tell the difference upon first glance. This means that the pouch will often be sorted out of the composting stream and placed into the landfill stream. In end-of-life, this is not much different from conventional flexible packaging, which is not recyclable in most municipalities. This is where the compostable pouch’s pre-life cycle truly shines, as it is produced using renewable materials, which means it’s designed to break down faster than other materials without leaving harmful micro-plastics and toxins behind.

If this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, don’t fret! Upcoming legislation suggests a universal approach to waste management, and Rootree is actively working to spread the word on more environmental packaging choices.
With the above in mind, it’s time to consider whether compostable packaging is right for you. Not every pair is a match made in heaven, so let your representative know if you think you need to consider another path – we have other sustainable packaging, such as recyclable options, that just might be the right fit!

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“Compostable – So, you’re considering compostable?”


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