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Pillow Pouches

Presenting… convenient packaging that is versatile, lightweight, and as cool as the other side of the pillow.

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We won a PAC Global Award

101 judges from 19 countries and 132 talented, creative, and innovative nominees. We are honoured to have been nominated for 2 of our projects, but to have won an esteemed Global PAC Award, we are beaming with joy.

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Rootree Presents: Propeller Coffee

How does a Navy-raised, BC-native who grew up with a Tibetan tea-drinking family, get into the Toronto coffee industry? It’s not a riddle, it’s the preface of the inspiring career of Losel Tethong, co-founder and owner of Toronto’s very own Propeller Coffee.

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2022: Year in Review

The beginning of a new year often brings upon us a time of reflection. 2022 was an incredible year – although like any year, it presented its challenges and changes, it was full of hopeful, exciting, and defining moments.

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