To support our staff’s physical and mental wellness, we have implemented the RESIN program (Root Employee Self-Improvement Network). This program encourages employees to dedicate work time to their well-being through various initiatives.

Whether you’re shopping for food, clothing, cosmetics, technology, and more – you’ve seen it all: store shelves lined with hundreds of different products and limitless options to choose from.

The love between humans and coffee has been brewing for centuries. But in recent years, the coffee industry has experienced an unprecedented boom, with specialty coffees, gourmet blends, and unique flavours coming to market weekly. As the demand for quality coffee continues to rise, so does the need for innovative packaging solutions to maintain freshness and flavour.

It all starts with a storm.
Marie-Eve Blanchet, CEO of Storm Plant Food, wasn’t always a gardener.
In fact, it wasn’t until she moved into her own place with her very own garden to tend to that she discovered her green thumb. But once she got started, there was no turning back.

If “start composting” has been sitting on your to-do list but you have no idea where to start, stress no more. Presenting “Rootree’s Guide to Composting for Geniuses Like You” (formerly titled “Rootree’s Guide to Composting for Dummies, but you’re not a dummy, you’re a genius, and that’s why you’re going to start composting right when you’re done reading this). So, in this “Composting Guide for Geniuses Like You”, we will walk through the pros and cons, the dos and don’ts, as well as an in-depth guide on how to get started.