Creative Services

Design, branding, and online marketing are the foundation of any brand. From how your brand is portrayed on the store shelves to your online presence, how you portray your brand is crucial to its success. Our Creative Services team here at Rootree has you covered. Our packaging design agency ensures each client’s needs and wants are met, bringing their vision to life.

Custom Printed Packaging

Unlimited color options. Fluid designs. Shorter runs. Multiple SKUs. With Rootree, your packaging can have it all. Customizable has never been easier. In addition to being able to customize the shape and materials of your packaging, thanks to our digital technology you also have unlimited options for colours and design features – what more could you ask for? Want to change up your packaging for special products or holiday rollouts? No problem! With the help of digital printing, changes to existing designs have never been easier.
Co-Packing Icon


Don’t stress, we can package your products for you, saving you time and money!

Working with flexible and rigid packaging, we can pack most food products including bakery ingredients, teas, coffee, snacks, nuts, dried fruit, grains, and seeds. Our reliable team paired with co-packing certifications, like SQF. Under our belts, our customers can be even more confident that our co-packing operations are always held to the highest standards. See, no need to worry – we’ve got you covered.