RT Foundation

“And the winners of the RT | Foundation Award are… 📣” The time has come to announce the winners of the 2022 RT | Foundation Award and the RT | mini-foundation award. We’ve been bursting with excitement since we decided on the winners.

2020 was a year full of unforeseen twists and turns.  Unique situations can flourish from some of life’s unexpected curveballs; this is what happened to Mary and Tom, co-founders of Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters. From taking a chance on a coffee passion project to crossing paths with a fateful advertisement, and finding ways to create community connections during a pandemic… Mary and Tom are experts at navigating the unexpected.

As the third recipient of our RT | Foundation Award, we knew that we wanted to help a company that expressed our core values of sustainability and community – which is why choosing K9 Kelp was so easy! K9 Kelp makes sustainably-sourced dog treats made from Canadian kelp that comes from the ocean waters…

Some of our staff had the opportunity to visit one of our wonderful clients in Costa Rica.
Herbert, from Café Las Peñas, was the first RT | Foundation award recipient and was one of the inspirations behind our foundation.
We first met Herbert at his plantation located in Alajuela,…