Meet The Team

We’re a hardworking team of thinkers, makers, designers, and can-doers. We have a passion for creating and producing the best packaging for you and your brand.

Office & Administration

"Phil St-Cyr - President

Phil St-Cyr

President & CEO

"Allison Caputo - Executive Assistant"

Allison Caputo

Executive Assistant

"Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr - Director of Human Resources"

Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr

Director of Human Resources

"Sheela Chandan - Senior Office Administrator"

Sheela Chandan

Senior Office Administrator

"Brian Hahm - Coordinator of Estimating

Brian Hahm

Coordinator of Estimating & Logistics

"Siana Wenzel - Office Adminstrator"

Siana Wenzel

Office Adminstrator

"Natasha Vynychenko - Compliance Coordinator"

Natasha Vynychenko

Compliance Coordinator

"Heather Colterman - Director of Projects

Heather Colterman

Director of Projects & Initiatives

"Rachel Harrington, CPA - Director of Finance"

Rachel Harrington, CPA

Director of Finance


"Pia Simran - VP of Sales

Pia Simran

VP of Sales & Business Development

"Dan Koz - Director of Sales"

Dan Koz

Director of Sales

"Eva Brophy - Account Manager"

Eva Brophy

Account Manager

"Mackenzie Duffin - Sales Assistant to VP

Mackenzie Duffin

Sales Assistant to VP & Sales Support

"Adam Csatary - Sales Representative"

Adam Csatary

Sales Representative

"Kelly Bernier - Sales Support Specialist"

Kelly Bernier

Sales Support Specialist

"Laura Ferrell - Sales Support Specialist"

Laura Ferrell

Sales Support Specialist

"Andrea Mina - Sales Administrative Assistant"

Andrea Mina

Sales Administrative Assistant

"Anne Werbeski - Spécialiste aux ventes / Responsable Administrative"

Anne Werbeski

Spécialiste aux ventes / Responsable Administrative

"Khadidja Kriket - Sales Support Specialist / Office Administrator"

Khadidja Kriket

Sales Support Specialist / Office Administrator

"Marie-Ève St-Cyr - Sales Support Specialist / Office Administrator"

Marie-Ève St-Cyr

Sales Support Specialist / Office Administrator

Creative Services

"Kylie Johnson - Creative Director

Kylie Johnson

Creative Director & Marketing Manager

"Jean-Baptiste Raimondi - Director

Jean-Baptiste Raimondi

Director & Producer of Video / Photography

"Jess Hirst - Senior Graphic Designer"

Jess Hirst

Senior Graphic Designer

"Kelsey Leduc - Graphic Designer"

Kelsey Leduc

Graphic Designer

"Cory Hughes - Web Developer

Cory Hughes

Web Developer & Designer

"Jesse Conner - Back End Developer

Jesse Conner

Back End Developer & Programmer

"Kimberly Wang - Junior Web Designer"

Kimberly Wang

Junior Web Designer

"Laurence Diotte - Regional Marketing Associate - QC"

Laurence Diotte

Regional Marketing Associate - QC

"Melanie Prentice - Social Media

Melanie Prentice

Social Media & Content Marketing

"Jordan Sudac - Junior Social Media Marketing"

Jordan Sudac

Junior Social Media Marketing

"Mia Semeniuk - Jr. Content Marketing Associate"

Mia Semeniuk

Jr. Content Marketing Associate

Pre-Press and Proofs

"Kyle McGuire - Manager of Pre-Press Services"

Kyle McGuire

Manager of Pre-Press Services

"Rob Turner - Proofs Coordinator"

Rob Turner

Proofs Coordinator


"Soek Awalia - VP of Packaging Operations"

Soek Awalia

VP of Packaging Operations

"Jonas Wenzel - Digital Press Operator"

Jonas Wenzel

Digital Press Operator

"Harshil Patel - Shipping

Harshil Patel

Shipping & Receiving Associate

"Alpesh Patel - Manager of Pouch Converting"

Alpesh Patel

Manager of Pouch Converting

"Saurabh Patel - Pouching Line Assistant"

Saurabh Patel

Pouching Line Assistant

"Krunal Patel - Pouching Line Assistant"

Krunal Patel

Pouching Line Assistant

"Colin Peterson - Press Operator"

Colin Peterson

Press Operator

"Mike Bucirka - Laminator Operator"

Mike Bucirka

Laminator Operator


"Michael Day - Assistant Manager of Co-Packing"

Michael Day

Assistant Manager of Co-Packing

"Ramila Patel - Co-packing Associate"

Ramila Patel

Co-packing Associate

"Samantha Trewolla - Driver

Samantha Trewolla

Driver & General Warehouse Associate

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