About Rootree

We are leading the way to a greener future – working to educate customers and the general population about the tremendous amounts of harmful plastic waste all over the world, shedding light on “green washing” across various industries, and developing more eco-conscious packaging options.

Today we educate and offer options; tomorrow, we aim to change the industry as a whole.

The Rootree Mission

To demonstrate and establish our commitment in the industry to be the most environmentally conscious packaging company in the world and to spearhead the global movement towards a responsible and sustainable packaging environment.

The Rootree Vision

To re-invent the packaging world in a transparent way, by:

  • sourcing or developing renewable materials;

  • using easier to recycle alternatives;

  • leading the industry in the use and development of compostable packaging; and

  • creating less waste in manufacturing by implementing efficient processes. 

Rootree’s Values