Project Nuevo Ciclo: Impact Guarantee

Our Collaboration with rePurpose Global:

Rootree is proud to announce that we have partnered with rePurpose Global and are now a part of the Impact Guarantee Program. We’ve partnered with rePurpose Global’s vetted impact project Nuevo Ciclo, and for every pouch produced with the rePurpose mark, we are contributing a percentage towards the project to recover an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the environment.

In doing this, we’re enabling access to improved waste management infrastructure in local communities in Medellín, Colombia. While we work towards our long-term sustainability goals, taking action on our plastic footprint means creating meaningful change, today. We recognize the urgent need for funding to be diverted to this ongoing emergency, and we are proud to have taken our first steps towards long-term, holistic impact.

Why rePurpose Global?

Our collaboration with rePurpose Global enables us to further fight plastic waste as a social enterprise, that takes the fight globally through worldwide impact projects, not just local areas.

“Rootree’s decision to include our Impact Guarantee on their products is responding to the need of the hour. We hope this move pushes more brands to take responsibility for their own plastic use and to take more positive actions to reduce their plastic footprint and increase circularity,” Aditya Siroya – Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer.

What is Impact Guarantee?

The Impact Guarantee program means that for every pouch produced, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is removed from nature, through our partnership with rePurpose Global.

What’s Rootree’s Global Impact Guarantee project?

Our project is based in Medellín, Colombia called Nuevo Ciclo which translates from Spanish into New Cycle (or New Era). As Medellín is Columbia’s second largest city, this project targets the majority of the recycling industries for plastics located in this region.

Nuevo Ciclo’s Project Goal:

The Nuevo Ciclo project recycles plastics into plastic wood that’s to be made into furniture and other amenities. These objects are donated for schools to use, or to build houses in local vulnerable populations.

The Nuevo Ciclo project focuses on the removal of MLP (multi-layer plastics), which as a default don’t get properly recycled due to these kinds of plastics having multiple layers of different materials laminated together. MLP’s require an intensive process to separate the layers, therefore causing them to not be recycled – ending up in landfills or incinerators.

Nuevo Ciclo’s impact has currently removed over 107,000 kgs of plastic waste.

How is rePurpose giving communities a new chance to thrive?

According to rePurpose Global’s Impact Code, they strive towards:

  • Ensuring that employed waste workers are paid fairly, improving livelihoods – as many waste workers hold low social status, live in poverty, or take risks to obtain minimal income.
  • Including informal waste workers that are often underpaid and affected by market fluctuation prices – most of which are supporting families and livelihoods.
  • They believe in removing biases from their projects (sex, race, color, religion, social origin, etc.) and ensure equal payments for equal work.

Rootree is thrilled to be teaming up with rePurpose Global to help eliminate plastic waste from the vibrant city of Medellín, Colombia! This exciting partnership aligns perfectly with our values and fuels our mission to champion sustainability and make a lasting impact on the environment.