Last month, Rootree’s Founder and CEO Phil St-Cyr was a part of PAC Packaging Consortium’s ONEOF100: Diversity of Thought Summit livestream on YouTube. In late 2019, Rootree collaborated with HP, sharing Rootree’s commitments to sustainability and growing the business. Nearly a year later, Phil was interviewed by HP’s Brent Holloway, who specializes in flexible packaging and the HP Indigo 20000, to see where Rootree stands with sustainability commitments and business growth.

As society continues to experience unprecedented times related to managing a global pandemic, it’s a pivotal time for businesses to make meaningful changes. Brent and Phil sat down (well, for the most part… Phil was upside down in a handstand for a good part of the interview – that’s how he does his best thinking!) and had a conversation about the growth Rootree has made in the past year. With sustainability on the forefront of Rootree’s mind, the goal that had been set was to make 90% of Rootree’s volume in a recyclable or compostable package by 2021. This goal has had Rootree working a more innovative, forward-thinking way.

Brent and Phil highlight the challenges and successes Rootree has experienced this past year, one success being that existing and potential clientele are becoming more educated and knowledgeable about sustainable packaging. Today, clients are pushing for more ways that their brand can be sustainable, challenging the industry for the better and allowing Rootree to continue to innovate and lead by example. Unique perspectives and diverse design create a positive impact in the way companies think and behave.

The full interview is available to watch here.