This past February, we won a Best in Class PAC Global Award in New York City for our design work on Café 2 Mains.

Café 2 Mains is more than a coffee shop; it’s a clever play on words, symbolizing “tomorrow’s coffee” cradled in “responsible” hands (2 mains means 2 hands in french). Their commitment to the future, the environment, and the well-being of coffee farmers and their communities truly sets them apart.

What makes Café 2 Mains unique is their unwavering dedication to serving eco-responsible, fully certified coffee. Their partnerships with coffee producers are driven by a profound desire to responsibly revolutionize the industry, ensuring fair remuneration for farmers and worker communities. The socioeconomic impact of Café 2 Mains extends from sourcing coffee directly from growers through fair trade to offering an organic product with direct reinvestment in specific farmers and their families.

But Café 2 Mains doesn’t stop there. Their clients play a pivotal role in their mission. They empower the local community to be more than just coffee consumers; they encourage them to be part of a life-changing narrative. With every sip of Café 2 Mains’ coffee, customers join a movement toward a healthier future and a cleaner environment, knowing that each cup connects them to a global community of positive change.

As Rootree’s Creative Agency, we’re honoured to play a pivotal role in shaping Café 2 Mains’ packaging design – and to have won an award for their home compostable packaging.

Our designers ensured that their brand values and commitments were effectively conveyed through the packaging. We collaborated closely with Café 2 Mains to design packaging that not only protects and preserves their coffee but also highlighted their dedication to responsible practices. By using sustainable materials and crafting an impactful design, Café 2 Mains presents a strong, eco-conscious message to their customers, aligning perfectly with their mission. Our creative solutions go beyond aesthetics; they help enhance the customer experience, serve as a powerful marketing tool, and contribute to Café 2 Mains’ success in offering responsible and sustainable choices for a better future.