B.A.R.E Creations

B.A.R.E. Creations is a granola ball brand founded by Dr. Colin Swala, a chiropractor who was looking to create a granola product that is, in fact, as healthy as the label suggests. As a new father, Colin embarked on his journey in the interest of providing healthier, quick granola-based snacks for families on-the-go––without breaking the bank. Colin first came to Rootree looking for packaging design for his new product. Let’s sprinkle some light (and granola) on this creative project.
With an already solidified brand identity for B.A.R.E Creations, Rootree entered to bring the brand to life. Looking to design various SKUs, it was essential that the line was cohesive and matched the B.A.R.E personality. Rootree’s Creative Services team kept a key focus on the use of colour, but also the importance of white space within the design. The final design seen on B.A.R.E. Creations’ packaging today mixes a minimal, clean aesthetic with subtle colour pops unique to each SKU. The pouch design also emphasizes product photography, to show customers the ball shape of the product. Now, Colin’s vision for B.A.R.E. Creations has become a reality, and an amazing granola choice for all customers.