Bokkie’s Biltong

Bokkie’s Biltong is a brand that aims to provide its customers with premium, fresh meats. Biltong is a naturally dried and cured meat (like beef jerky, but without the cooking, additives, and nitrates). For Bokkie, founder of Bokkie’s Biltong, processing farm-raised meats was a family tradition and favourite snack growing up in South Africa. To keep this tradition alive for his own kids growing up in Canada, Bokkie opened a butcher shop in Barrie in 2011. Today, Bokkie’s Biltong provides its Ontario community with fresh local meats, as well as internationally imported meats, cheeses, and specialty groceries—and, not to mention, freshly baked desserts. Bokkie’s came to Rootree ready to take their packaging to the next level. Let’s explore this worldly creative project.
Bokkie’s Biltong sought to enhance its kraft paper and labelled bags. The brand desired an upgrade to a more premium pouch that would stand out on store shelves. The logo, background texture, and stars on the old label were all great visual elements; the new pouches would include these pieces and more. Rootree began with a photo shoot of all of Bokkie’s Biltong flavours. The photos were then added to the new packaging design, as the old pouches did not include photos. For each SKU, Rootree’s graphic designers used the unique photo and accent colour to differentiate the flavours. The final product is an expansion on Bokkie’s old labels, with all important information, product photos, and the Bokkie’s Biltong logo front and centre. An eye-catching pouch with visual elements that fit together seamlessly, this custom packaging has taken Bokkie’s Biltong to the next level.