Che Churros & Empanadas

Che Glamour Shot
Let’s take it over to Montreal for the best-tasting traditional Argentinian food from Che Churros & Empanadas. Eduardo and Ariel – both from Argentina and friends since 2007 – have joined forces (and recipes) to cook unique and delicious churros and empanadas. Ultimately, the pair opened a shop for the people of Montreal. Their success would not be possible without the significant contribution of a third partner, Juliana, who in turn, with her versatility and leadership, knew how to earn her place among her creative and passionate partners.
Before finding Rootree, Che was packaging its beautiful, homemade empanadas in a plain kraft paper bag, with the addition of a sticker label. As the business began to flourish, that packaging no longer suited the 5-star reviewed premium empanadas, and adding stickers on all the bags became time-consuming and very tedious.
It was time for custom designed pouches – and that’s where Rootree came in! The first step for our Creative Services team was vectorizing Che’s existing logo. The team polished the logo by updating the font. It was important to preserve brand recognition while also modernizing and giving Che’s a logo that can be used at any scale.
Next, the Rootree design team developed a few bright, exciting options inspired by the tasty ingredients of the products and the colours of the Argentinian flag. With Rootree’s digital printing process, our team was able to create a custom empanada-shaped window to highlight the product itself.
Once the favourite design was selected, we created a series of “labels” for each flavour, which were then added to the design. Custom printed pouches were a perfect solution for Che. It allowed them to easily add cooking instructions, Nutritional Information, UPC codes, and even a little story about the company to the packaging (in French and English!) all without having to apply a single sticker.
Che Logo Revolution
Che Front and Back Pouches