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Brianna, a young and inspiring entrepreneur was one of the winners of our 2022 RT | Foundation Award. She was using paper containers with lids to sell what is undoubtedly gourmet dog food under the company named Chien Gourmand.
At Rootree, we thrive on the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their mission. Chien Gourmand is gourmet pet food company founded by someone who values healthy eating as much for their furry friends as for themselves, was nothing short of inspiring.
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Brianna’s journey began with a simple yet profound childhood connection to food. She grew up savoring Vietnamese home-cooked meals, instilled with a deep appreciation for mindful eating by her parents. This upbringing cultivated not only a love for delicious flavours but also a commitment to wellness and an active lifestyle.
When her first furry friend, Sidor, entered her life, a new chapter unfolded. A sense of responsibility to provide the best life for her pup led her to scrutinize the pet food market. While commercial kibble seemed like the norm, a lingering doubt persisted in her mind – was it truly the healthiest option for Sidor?
The transformation began subtly, with a simple act of mixing fruits into their dog’s kibble. This experiment evolved into a journey of culinary creativity. From fruit-infused croquettes to homemade purées and intricate toppings, Brianna started crafting nutritious, flavourful additions to their pet’s meals.
Brianna had a vision for her products – a consistent, cohesive packaging design that reflected the unity of their offerings. While each flavour warranted its unique identity, the overall packaging design remained harmonious. Rootree took up the challenge, ensuring that packaging colours and elements varied only as much as necessary to distinguish the different flavours.

Sustainability, Affordability, and Eco-Friendliness

Beyond visual aesthetics, Chien Gourmand was committed to a long-term packaging solution that was not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. Our expertise in sustainable packaging solutions came into play, ensuring that the 250g pouches were lightweight, thin, and recyclable.
Each pouch that was designed used real images of her food and a different colour to represent each flavour.
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Chien Gourmand’s story is a testament to the power of passion and innovation, and Rootree is honoured to have played a part in crafting a culinary experience for pet owners who believe in nourishing their pets with the same love and care they give to themselves. Together, we look forward to a future where pet wellness is synonymous with delicious, wholesome, and eco-conscious nutrition.
Congratulations to Brianna on her Award and we cannot wait to witness her success in the future!