Cupper’s Coffee

Cuppers Glamour Shot
Cupper’s Coffee is a coffee roaster based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, that is known not only for its freshly roasted coffee, but its retail store. The store features superb drinks, great coffee accessories, high-quality tea selection, tea accessories, and many unexpected, funky surprises. Cupper’s specializes in high-quality, artisanal blends from all around the world. When Cupper’s came to Rootree, they were using labels on their pouches but were ready to upgrade to custom packaging. Let’s travel through this worldly creative project.
Cuppers All Grid Seasonal
Cuppers All Grid Origins
While the Cupper’s Coffee team liked the look of their labels, they wanted to achieve a stronger cohesive look across all their blends. Rootree’s graphic designers were ready to take on the challenge and help the client elevate its brand. Though Cupper’s takes their coffee seriously, it was important for them to deliver their message in a light-hearted way. They also wanted to highlight that their beans are sourced from all around the world — hence their slogan, “Taste the world in your cup.” Rootree’s designers settled on a design that features a layered side bar, with the blend in a large, fun, and handwritten but clear font running up the side of the pouch. Over half of the front of the pouch includes a photo that shows off the region that the blend’s beans originate from. Though stock photos were used, our graphic designers carefully curated images that are interesting, fun, and unique (like Cupper’s!). These images were cropped, edited, and given an oil painting filter to make them more stylized and eye-catching. To create cohesion, each pouch’s side bar is a solid colour pulled from the featured image. The back of the pouch repeats the same cutout letters for the blend name and features a description of each blend written in Cupper’s voice. Cupper’s needed to be able to indicate the grind on the beans to their customers — Rootree’s solution was to include a band featuring silhouettes of the brewing method, which can be checked off during co-packing depending on the blend. Lastly, hidden as a fun surprise on the bottom gusset is a top-view coffee cup that holds the slogan, “Taste the world in your cup.” The final line of pouches is cohesive and beautiful, showcasing the unique origins of each blend.
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