Foggy River Farm

Foggy River Farm is a farm located in Southern Ontario that produces herbal teas, oils, and herbs to offer consumers amazing alternative, natural health remedies. When Foggy River Farm approached Rootree, it was using stock packaging with labels. However, the business was interested in a more sustainable packaging option that cohered better to their premium, organic look. Let’s harvest the highlights from this memorable packaging design project.
Sabados packaging
Rootree’s Creative Services team began by giving Foggy River’s packaging a beauty treatment by transforming the original label design into a full pouch design on Rootree’s Kraft material. With a brand new look that reflected their brand and suited their premium [check] product perfectly, the business requested additional SKU rollouts to match the rest of their tea blends. Now, Foggy River Farm’s packaging stands out on the shelf, and perfectly conveys the natural essence of the business and its products, while remaining close to their roots.