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The Hampton Grocer is a New York-based granola company. It was started when founder Sam found herself without a job during the pandemic. She enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and began grocery shopping for families, sourcing mostly from local farmers and artisans (hence the name!). When customers started asking for gift boxes, Sam knew she needed to add a signature item that was all her own. Her mother-in-law’s amazing granola recipe was the perfect fit — just sweet enough, and packed with lots of nuts and seeds. Now available for all, The Hampton Grocer’s granola is baked in small batches with all-natural, whole ingredients, and no preservatives, dairy, gluten, or refined sugar. The Hampton Grocer came to Rootree with existing branding, though looking to update its existing jars to a line of flexible pouches. Let’s take a gander through this creative project.
Hampton Grocer Granola
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Founder Sam wanted her granola’s pouches to have a premium feel and a clean, uncluttered, and chic design. Using The Hampton Grocer brand colours, Rootree’s graphic designers created a design with a simple two-colour front, featuring a wave at the top as a nod to the local seashore. The pouch also features a prominent window with The Hampton Grocer logo encircling it and a cute smiley face printed in the centre of the window. The wave motif continues on the back of the pouch, which includes one extra brand colour for emphasis on certain text. The bottom gusset features a fun wave pattern along with the logo again. Rootree rolled out seven SKUs altogether, switching the top wave and accent colour for each, but keeping the main blue. The resulting line of pouches look cohesive together, though it is still easy to identify a favourite flavour at first glance. The Hampton Grocer also rolled out two seasonal SKUs; as they are only available for a limited time, our designers wanted to ensure they stood out and felt special. These SKUs break away from the brand colours, and reimagine the original packaging line. The Gingerbread Granola is especially cute, with the standard smiley face window expanded into a smiley gingerbread window. Printed with a soft matte finish and rounded corners, The Hampton Grocer’s pouches have an extra premium look and feel.
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