Keto Kitchen

Keto Kitchen is a BC-based company that specializes in low-carb, Keto-friendly bread mix, granola, and other products that aren’t traditionally low in carbohydrates. The brand has a passion for sustainability and environmentally friendly products, which is why they were drawn to our RT | Compostable pouch option. Keto Kitchen came to Rootree for the design and production of their amazing products’ packaging. Let’s see what’s cooking with this exceptional project.

Rootree’s Creative Services team provided Keto Kitchen with a Tailored to You package, allowing for multiple creative options to choose from. The brand’s products are made in Canada, hand-made, and ready-to-make for the consumer; it was important that the packaging included all of these details. To provide a neat and engaging design, our Creative Services team created a visual hierarchy to communicate important information. The pouch design features a prominent logo (that nods to the Chef’s Kiwi heritage), a maple leaf-shaped window, and all pertinent product information in the centre of the front panel. The back of the pouch includes instructions on product preparation and all other legal information. With a beautiful finished design, Rootree did a rollout of Keto Kitchen’s other two amazing products, featuring different key colours and imagery. The team also created 3D renders of their products to be used as product shots on their website, in perfect unity.