KORYFE is a natural and caffeine-free tea brand that sources its ancient herbal teas from Greece. The company aims to provide an experience of wellness and warmth with each cup. KORYFE approached Rootree looking to create a logo and set of pouch designs. Let’s pluck the highlights from this hearty creative project.
KORYFE came to Rootree with a brand name and a preliminary branding document from another agency. Our Creative Services team was tasked with creating a completely new logo, along with corresponding packaging design. It was important to the client that this new branding and design reflected the product’s Greek origins. The logo was devised to reflect the all-natural, Greek background with earthy elements of a leaf and mountains. The pouch design further emphasized KORYFE’s Greek roots; this included the addition of a custom window in the shape of Crete, the mountain region where the tea is hand-picked. With a range of soothing colours for each SKU, the finished product line conveyed harmony, wellness, and a Greek authenticity.