Mamacita’s Empanadas

Mamacita Empanadas Glamour Shot
Mamacita’s Empanadas is a company that specializes in handmade empanadas of various shapes and sizes. Our Creative Services department worked on a Tailored to You package with the empanada company to help with their packaging design and SKU rollout. They wanted something that would highlight their metallic looking logo and showcase the beautiful hand-made quality of the empanadas
Mamacita Empanadas All SKUs
After a few variations, they chose a luxurious photography-based design that would feature an already prepared version of the product with gold metallic effects to complement their eye-catching logo. We created a SKU rollout while maintaining a dark background and gold theme but alternated between SKU’s with assorted colours on the backs and plates that are shown on the front of the pouch.
The appearance is sure to highlight the premium quality of the product and showcase that these products are handmade with stunning imagery. They were so pleased with our initial rollout, they returned to us later with more SKU’s and dieline adaptions to give their products more on-shelf variety. They have 1kg and 500g options with delicious flavours like Veg, Ham and Cheese, Canadienese, Pollo al Disco, Poroto Negro and Maíz, and Fiesta packs with two of each flavour for a total of 12 mouthwatering empanada’s. Ay que fabulosa!
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