Maisha Tea

Maisha Tea is a company located on the West Coast of Canada that produces nutritional, high-quality moringa leaf herbal teas. Maisha means “life” in Swahili, which is significant to the company as it plans to support subsistence farmers in Africa through its sustainable business practices. Maisha Tea was in search of packaging design for their moringa product line when they found Rootree. Let’s get a taste for this colourful creative project.
Rootree’s Creative Services team designed packaging for Maisha Tea’s 4-SKU product line. The client wanted the tea pouches to have a premium look without coming off as elitist. Maisha also wanted to focus on the main ingredient, moringa. Moringa is an important crop for subsistence farmers in Africa, and is known as a “drinkable multi-vitamin.” With this in mind, our Creative Services team included illustrations of the plant on the front and back of the pouch, to spotlight its significance. To provide a premium look, our team metallicized each SKU’s flavour text in either gold or copper. The resulting pouch line uses illustration, neat typography, and eye-catching combinations of colour to convey the brand’s identity, and make Maisha Tea stand out.