MDRN JRKY is a Hamilton-based company that makes handcrafted, plant-based jerky. Their jerky is very high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and contains simple, all-natural ingredients — all while being meatless. This plant-based snack alternative is good for your health and the environment. MDRN JRKY focuses on low-emission ingredients, and sources as much as possible from Canadian suppers. MDRN JRKY came to Rootree for packaging design. Let’s take a bite of this fun creative project.
MDRN JRKY wanted to stand out with simple, clean, and direct packaging, which they felt contrasted their competitors’ fun and playful tone. They envisioned a design that was minimalistic, sleek, sharp, and unique. Rootree’s Creative Services team delivered on MDRN JRKY’s vision with a bold black and gold pouch. The pouch is visually impactful, with the bottom gold area coming to an upwards point, directing the eye to the MDRN JRKY logo in metallic gold. This minimalistic design showcases sparse text that stands out with contrasting colours. The company’s initial roll out had all SKUs the same yellow. When it came time for more pouches with new flavours, MDRN JRKY chose new SKU accent colours of red and green metallic. The new rollout is bold and sharp, with each SKU easily identifiable and cohesive under MDRN JRKY’s branding.