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Mouthwatering Motivation was a blog that started nine years ago. Initially, the blog published high-protein recipes, but later became known as a keto and low-carb food blog. Along with his blog, the founder also sold his popular keto-friendly “Kick Kookies” and catered at the Great Canadian Keto Conference in Toronto. In the last three years, Mouthwatering Motivation has grown exponentially. While its founder no longer sells cookies or dry mix because of challenges with shipping perishable goods, Mouthwatering Motivation has shifted to offering an amazing keto bread and pastry flour. It’s multi-purpose and can be used in virtually any low-carb recipe in place of white flour. After being launched in June 2021, Mouthwatering Motivation’s keto flour has since been sold exclusively on its website. When the client approached Rootree, they were in need of a custom stand-up pouch design for their product; the Beauty Treatment package was the perfect fit. Let’s sift through this delicious and nutritious creative project.
Mouthwatering Motivation Front
Mouthwatering Motivation Back
Rootree’s Creative Services team worked with Mouthwatering Motivation to design two packages to meet the needs of both the Canada and US markets. After delivering concepts and completing a few revisions, the final design perfectly reflects the Mouthwatering Motivation brand, while clearly communicating the purpose of the product (as a 1:1 replacement for all-purpose flour) and other key information. For this packaging design, Rootree’s designers refreshed the client’s logo fonts to make it more modern and engaging with the audience. The bright blue and pink colours used for the pouch were pulled from the client’s pre-existing pouch, to provide consistency with the brand. To make the pouch extra lively and playful, our designers decided to incorporate graphics along the top and the gusset of the pouch. These graphics include bread and pastry items, illustrated through simple line drawings in the classic pink colour. While Mouthwatering Motivation’s previous pouch included its website address in its design, our team suggested it use a QR code to provide easy access to its online recipes. Our designers implemented a QR code on a bread icon on the back of the pouch, to maintain playfulness and consistency within the pouch design while leveraging technology.