My Big Fat Cookie

My Big Fat Cookie Glamour Shot
Prepare to get hungry with My Big Fat Cookie. From Calverton, New York, these cookies are sure to have your mouth watering and your taste buds jumping for joy! Nicole Canestro, the founder of My Big Fat Cookie, is putting a unique twist on the average cookie.
The base of each cookie is made with premium ingredients such as unbleached and unenriched flours and non-GMO products. Ready for the twist? Some of Nicole’s favourite classic treats, Oreo, Nutter Butter, kids’ cereals, and sprinkles, are added to the batter right before baking – are you hungry yet? These cookies keep their promise, living up to the brand’s name – they definitely are one “Big Fat Cookie”.
My Big Fat Cookie SKUs
With a unique product, My Big Fat Cookie needed packaging that showed off their epic cookies while showcasing each SKU’s delicious flavor: Cookies and Cream, Fun Fatty, Brownie, S’mores, Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Rasin. After having a discovery call with Rootree’s Creative Services team, My Big Fat Cookie decided to go with the Tailored to You package with a seven SKU rollout.
Our design team got to work, experimenting with various font treatments, colours, and designs to show off each individual flavour in its own unique way.
In alignment with the brand’s playfulness and products, Nicole envisioned the packaging colours to be both vibrant and fun. Rootree’s designers indulged themselves in everything’s cookies, creating packaging that shows off the flavour of each SKU. Now, every flavour of My Big Fat Cookie has packaging that is just as mouthwatering as the cookie inside! Since our initial project (of 12 SKUs) with My Big Fat Cookie there have been more flavours added with even more on the way!
My Big Fat Cookie FunFatty