Pasta Tavola

Pasta Tavola is a family-run business based in Belleville that specializes in traditional, “nonna-approved” gourmet pastas. The family uses only the best Canadian-sourced ingredients to recreate their nonna’s signature dishes. Pasta Tavola approached Rootree looking for professional packaging for its meals. Let’s get a taste for this homemade creative project.
Rootree’s Creative Services team began by capturing product photography to include in the custom packaging designs. With gorgeous product lifestyle photos of Tavola’s ravioli varieties, the team proceeded with French copy for the pouches and multiple SKU rollouts. This packaging design utilizes natural hues from the products themselves—creamy red-orange tones give that natural ingredient feel. The friendly serif font paired with the fun script font complement the soft visuals of the dishes and colour scheme. Pasta Tavola’s finished pouches combined a home-cooked feel with a neat look to perfectly illustrate the delicious, nonna-approved meal.