PreshPaws Glamour Shot
When Chloe and her husband discovered their dog would be on medication its whole life, they knew they needed to do something about it. Treats are always a fan favourite, but they wanted to be sure that their dogs were getting the best treats in town!
Chloe and her husband decided that they’d come up with their own treat recipe for their pets, containing pure ingredients and several types of mushrooms for their own individual health benefits. They’re currently operating on a small-scale, selling dog treats to owners within their local community.
Not only are the treats for their dogs, but they’re also human grade! They’re tasty and filled with health benefits for their little ones – Chloe and her husband were able to provide a treat for everyone in their house.
PreshPaws Illustrations Outline
PreshPaws Illustrations Colour

They were happy knowing they were making healthier choices for their dogs (and kids), but their packaging wasn’t looking as friendly. Chloe had her own logos and icons on beige packaging – but that wasn’t suiting her and her pups. Just because dogs can’t see colour, doesn’t mean their packaging had to be dull.


Chloe came to us with her logo and icons but was looking for a modern and bright redesign. She gave us the inspiration of warm pastels and allowed us to play around with illustrations and packaging designs. She did, however, have a special requirement; she wanted an illustration of her dogs on the packaging – so of course we had to make her dream come true!

PreshPaws Peanut Butter Pouches
PreshPaws prides themselves on having vegan treats that utilize the beneficial health properties of mushrooms, which she’d hoped would be highlighted in her new packaging. We never fall short of making people’s dreams become reality, so we incorporated some playful plant and pet aspects within their brand name. At the same time, we were able to highlight the type of mushrooms contained within the treats while noting other important health icons on the front of their packaging.

With their modern and colourful packaging, Chloe and her little ones are ready to deliver healthy treats to all their friends at the dog park!