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Prima Puzzles Jaipur Connoisseur
Prima Puzzles is a startup company that produces luxury travel puzzles. The founder started by launching three collections of puzzles, each focused on art from certain parts of the world. Once finished one of Prima’s classy and sophisticated puzzles, it can then be framed as a piece of art itself. Prima Puzzles came to Rootree for custom packaging design for the puzzles’ pouches. Let’s travel through this unique and beautiful project.
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Prima Puzzles Jaipur Ethereal
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Although Prima Puzzles had existing branding, Rootree was able to elevate the design to match the brand’s premium aesthetic with our Smart branding package. With a renewed logo, our Creative Services team proceeded with a Tailored to You package; Prima Puzzles’ founder, Prema, would then have three options to choose from for her premium puzzle pouches. It’s not often that we come across a client that understands design the way we do — it was such a pleasure working with Prema. From decisions like rounded corners, to matte finishes, this client understood her target audience to a T. Prima’s final packaging is focused on her beautiful puzzle imagery, each collection highlighted in a unique shade as found within the puzzle. Each pouch showcases minimalistic yet elegant icons, and core information in a gorgeous serif typeface and an accent script font. Prima’s clean, picturesque packaging perfectly matches the brand and the puzzle inside. Our team cannot wait to purchase one of these incredible puzzles the second they become available.