Riley’s Kitchen

Rileys Kitchen Glamour
Riley’s Kitchen is a business based out of Barrie, Ontario that specializes in pancake and muffin mixes. They are organic, plant-based, sugar-free, salt-free, and perfect for babies but enjoyed by the whole family! Riley’s Kitchen was started by a Canadian mom, Jennifer, who was looking for a pancake mix that was appropriate to feed her young daughter, Riley. That meant a natural mix with nutritious ingredients and no added sugar. To fulfill this need, Jennifer started making her own mix and giving it to family and friends. When they started asking to buy more, Riley’s Kitchen was born. The business came to Rootree in need of branding and packaging design. Let’s take a bite out of this adorable creative project!
Rileys Kitchen Chia Oat
Rileys Kitchen Fox Illustration
When they approached Rootree, Riley’s Kitchen had been available through local markets for a while and had started to generate interest from grocery stores. It was time to upgrade from paper bags with labels to professional packaging that would improve both the look and shelf-life of the mixes. Riley’s Kitchen had some branding, made in Canva, but needed a little polish. Owner Jennifer wanted something that would attract the moms of toddlers, but not look like just baby food. Rootree’s graphic designers provided several cute options for new branding. The final choice was a tweak on the branding, with a new font and more gender-neutral colours for wider appeal. The packaging also spotlights adorable hand-drawn woodland creatures enjoying Riley’s pancakes and muffins. Each SKU features a unique drawing of the product, with the animal characters in varying poses. This fun and cute packaging is sure to appeal to moms with kids of all ages, and the kids themselves!
Rileys Kitchen Fox Illustration