Rim Jobs

Rimjobs CocktailsRub Rollout
In the world of culinary delights, creativity knows no bounds – just look at his company name. At Rootree, we had the pleasure of embarking on a thrilling journey with Matt, the visionary founder behind Rim Jobs. His story, filled with passion and a touch of spice, is a testament to the power of innovation and the art of culinary craftsmanship.
Years ago, Matt’s adventure began in the heart of London at a quaint restaurant known as the Tasting Room. It was here that he crossed paths with an eccentric owner who concocted a dry seasoning infused with the smokiness of jalapeños.

“When [the owner] found out I was eating all of his spice he told me he would show me how to make it if I stopped eating his seasoning. That sparked an interest. I’ve always been pretty creative and being a lover of heat I began smoking all sorts of hot peppers with different woods until I came up with this medley which I currently use.”

Matt delved into the world of peppers and woods, experimenting tirelessly until he finally found a medley of flavours that would become his signature blend.

As word spread of his fiery creation, friends and family clamoured for more of Matt’s seasoning. The demand was undeniable, and Matt decided to take his culinary passion to the next level by venturing into the world of marketing. It was during this pivotal time that the idea for Rim Jobs was born – a concept that would revolutionize the world of cocktails.
Rimjobs Caesar Rollout
Rimjobs Caesar Front and Back
Matt envisioned a new way to enjoy the beloved Caesar cocktail without diluting its essence with vinegar-based hot sauce. He envisioned rimming the glass with his exquisite blend of seasoning, anchored by a base of celery salt to pay homage to the traditional Caesar. The smoky peppers and garlic in his blend harmonized perfectly with the cocktail’s flavours, and he knew he had struck gold.
And so, Rim Jobs emerged as a brand that would bring a unique twist to the cocktail experience. But Matt needed a partner to help him take his vision to the next level, and that’s where we stepped in.
Matt came to us with a creative spark and an existing logo, along with bags adorned with labels that he had been painstakingly applying himself. He had also commissioned artwork from a local artist that he was attached to and wished to incorporate into new custom pouches. His goal was clear: he wanted pouches that were not only professional but also compliant with labeling guidelines. Matt wanted to showcase his premium ingredients through unique windows on the packaging.
Working closely with Matt’s existing artwork and branding, we set out to create packaging that encapsulated the spirit of his company – fun yet elevated. We ensured that all the necessary labeling information found its place on the back of the pouches. The true magic, however, lay in the incorporation of windows directly into elements of the artwork, providing a glimpse into the premium ingredients within. For the pièce de résistance, we adorned his 24k Gold Cocktail rimmer with stunning gold metallics, adding a touch of luxury to the entire package.

With a full line of custom pouches tailored to Matt’s unique vision, Rim Jobs is now poised to take the culinary world by storm. Rootree is proud to have played a part in Matt’s journey, helping him create packaging that reflects the passion, flavour, and innovation at the heart of Rim Jobs.

Cheers to Rim Jobs and to the limitless creativity that transforms culinary dreams into reality!