Roocha is a Timely Harvest company that makes organic, small-batch brewed ginger kombucha. Richly fermented and a natural probiotic, the drink offers many health benefits. Roocha came to Rootree searching for a logo and label design for its kombucha bottles. Grab your SCOBY and let’s take a sip of this fun project!
Rootree’s Creative Services team began this journey by designing a logo for the Roocha brand. The logo was designed to fit Roocha’s deep-rooted commitment to health, wellbeing, and nature. With this in mind, Rootree created a logo with the head and antlers of a deer. The logo’s typography also includes an infinity symbol for the two Os in Roocha. This logo fits with the values and essence of the brand. Next, Rootree created a label design and a tap handle. These designs built off the visuals of the graphic, with “Kombucha” in neat text, wrapping seamlessly around the deer graphic. The clear label sticker allows the drinker to clearly see the beverage, making it the perfect choice for Roocha’s glass bottles.
Roocha Event Bar 2
Roocha Event Bar 1
Roocha Event Bar 3