Ryan’s Raw

Ryan’s Raw is a unique dog treat company based around all-natural ingredients that promote healthy living for your pooch. Ryan’s Raw came to Rootree in search of a new look for their packaging, to upgrade from their current stock pouches. A packaging refresh would enhance their professionalism, allowing them to go up against the big players in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at this doggone good project.
Rootree began by developing Ryan’s Raw’s brand guide, creating a solid baseline for the business’s identity. Next came packaging design, with the large but smooth-running task of 33 SKU rollouts. With so many pouches, Rootree’s Creative Services team ensured consistent and beautiful designs for all of the Ryan’s Raw products.
During the design process, Rootree also did a product photography session to capture Ryan’s Raw’s variety of dog treats. The product photos were added to pouches too small to include a window, to offer customers a clear view of the product. The finished products suggested a modern and approachable impression that would speak to their target audience. All tails are wagging for Ryan’s Raw’s new look and their awesome treats.