Wellness Bites

Wellness Bites is a snack food company founded by two sisters that focuses on creating healthy and delicious offerings made of mainly nuts, seeds, and grains. Their snacks are gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, and non-GMO. Wellness Bites came to Rootree for packaging design and photography for their multiple products. Let’s bite into this fun creative project!

The co-founders, Sharon and Heather, are an important part of the brand’s story that the Rootree Creative Services team thought to include in the packaging design. This idea came to life in custom illustrations of the pair on the front and back of the pouch, created by Rootree’s graphic designers. The front of the pouch also features beautiful product photography. Along with these two prominent visual pieces, the front includes important dietary information. The back of the pouch includes a written piece of Sharon and Heather’s story. Altogether, Wellness Bites’ product packaging perfectly conveys the brand’s identity and story. Delivering multiple SKUs, the Rootree team kept consistency across the family of products, with variant colours to distinguish different flavours. For the salad topper SKUs, Rootree worked closely with a photographer to capture beautiful images for the front of the package, to show various ways the product can be enjoyed.