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Northern Wildflowers

We’re taking it all the way to Sudbury to say hello to one of our 2021 RT Foundation Award recipients, Northern Wildflowers, who specializes in native seeds with a mission to help its customers create a little slice of wildflower paradise in their at-home gardens.

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Terrafirma is a BC-based soil technology company that creates regenerative and organic products for all gardening projects, from small condo planters to industrial and commercial use. From the get-go, Terrafirma aimed to make their new business stand up and compete with the big players. The startup came to Rootree for branding and packaging — the Superior Package was a natural fit. Let’s dig into this down-to-earth creative project.

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Chef’s Vault

Chef’s Vault offers the highest quality of ethically and sustainably sourced meat and seafood, delivered straight to consumers’ homes.

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Dodjivi is an alternative beverage company that specializes in mushroom-based coffees, teas, and other amazing health products. The Dodjivi team aimed to provide consumers with a jitter-free coffee option that also helps improve the drinker’s immunity, vitality, sleep, memory, and basic functions.

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Package design, brand and web development, social media strategy, and, of course, pouch printing and manufacturing – it took a Rootree village to successfully help launch SABADOS, a new brand of organic, fair-trade yerba mate.

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