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We are honoured to have signed the PAC IOU Charter, to unite, galvanize, and champion packaging design by everyone for everyone.

Our team was invited to a PAC Global event in New York city where we learned about this inspirational movement. We encourage all members of the business community to sign the charter.


Purpose: To champion packaging design by everyone, for everyone.


Vision: An inclusive packaging world.


Mission: To educate and transform the packaging value chain by engaging everyone in the process, to ensure accessibility.

“The goal of this Charter is to ensure people’s differences are recognized and incorporated into every stage of the packaging design and manufacturing process.

By endorsing this Charter, organizations have affirmed their commitment to creating equal opportunities for all, and to make packaging easy to use, and associated information easy to access, use and understand.

This Charter goes beyond design concepts and products, extending to the inclusivity of the industries workforce now and in the future.

Together, the organizations who support this Charter share the PAC IOU vision of an inclusive packaging workforce. A workforce where differences are valued and celebrated with the aim of creating a world where everyone can develop to their full potential, inspiring new approaches to innovation within universal package design, organically leading to accessible packaging becoming the norm globally.”



This group seeks to leave no one behind, and champions change for all

  • abilities
  • ages
  • disabilities
  • learning styles
  • classes
  • gender
  • life experiences
  • neurodiversity
  • races/ethnicities
  • religion
  • sexual orientations
  • and, any other difference

The PAC IOU Charter – Inclusive Opportunities and Universal Design Charter – has been developed in collaboration with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and PAC Global.

PAC Global was formed as a corporation to foster a community where companies from across the packaging value chain could safely come together to collaborate, innovate, and educate.