The perfect gift doesn’t exi-

Of course, the perfect gift(s) exists.

We don’t want to tell you how to holiday shop, but we think you’ll love our suggestions.

The craziness of the holiday season can be overwhelming, and when you have a get-together coming up but haven’t bought anything for that special someone, all you need is HUGG from Rootree (that’s Rootree’s Holiday Ultimate Gift Guide).

Supporting small businesses is in our DNA. We are so proud to be able to work with these incredible entrepreneurs.
So, get scrolling, and scroll until your heart is content and your shopping baskets are full.

For a Sweet Tooth

For candy connoisseurs and sweet treat experts. From vegan to sugar-free, and classic sweety goodness, this list will have you drooling before you even get to the bottom.

Olivia & Leo | Montreal, QC

Sour Peach Hearts –

Sour Peach Hearts that are sugar-free?! Call it a match made in heaven.

Olivia and Leo’s treats are crowd-pleasers for all ages; they are made in small batches, hand-crafted in Montreal, certified Kosher, and free of peanuts and artificial colours and flavours. Their no-sugar-added goodies will please even the pickiest candy skeptics.

Olivia & Leo
Sukker Baby

Sukker Baby | Toronto, ON

Signature Candy Mix –

We are sukkers for a classic candy mix. Who wants to choose between sweet and sour when you can have both? Sukker Baby candy is the perfect party favour, stocking stuffer, or gift exchange find. This Toronto-based company offers a variety of sweet, sour, vegan, low-sugar options for any of your sweet-toothed friends.

My Big Fat Cookie | Long Island, NY

All we want for Christmas is a big fat cookie – how about you?

Whatever it is you want to say, say it with cookies. Why? Because cookies make the best gift, whether you need to say, “I love you”, “thanks for picking up my dry cleaning”, or “happy holidays”, cookies truly say it all. My Big Fat Cookie, based in Long Island, uses premium ingredients, including unbleached flour and non-GMO sugars; guilt-free and delish!

My Big Fat
Forest Gummy

Gummy Forest | Oakville, ON

Halal Bubbly Cola Gummy

Bubbly Cola gummies are always a hit. These delicious halal gummies are an excellent stocking stuffer, gift bag addition, or way to brighten someone’s day. Gummy Co is based in Oakville, Ontario and if you think cola gummies aren’t the halal gummy you need, you can find tons of other halal treats on their Etsy site.

For a Health Nut

Because health is the greatest wealth, and this holiday season, we want to wish longevity, vibrance, and wellness to those we love!

Hello Amino | Calgary, AB

Cinnamon Protein Waffle Mix

Cinnamon protein waffle mix for health nuts, gym rats, and foodies. This gluten-free mix is delicious, nutritious, and, most importantly, Rootree-approved. Life hack: make a batch of these to have your house smell like a holiday candle. Hello Amino is a woman-owned business based in Alberta.

Hello Amino

Smoov Blend | Toronto, ON

Berry Exotic

Give the gift of an exotic getaway – in smoothie form! Berry Exotic from Smoov is loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, wrapped in a sweet berry flavour.

We suggest buying this for someone you really like, considering they will likely become immortal with the power of the 8 superfoods in this blend.

Riley’s Kitchen | Barrie, ON

Banana Oat Mini Muffin Mix

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a health-conscious mama, look no further. Riley’s Kitchen has cracked the code on kid-friendly, plant-based muffin mixes. As simple as adding a banana to the mix for perfect banana oat muffins, you can make someone’s life that much easier.

Riley's Kitchen

For a Coffee Connoisseur

“Receiving coffee as a gift is the worst” – said no one ever. We suggest buying these for a coffee-loving secret crush… they will think about you every morning as they brew a cup of joe. We are Rootree: purveyors of love and matchmaking.

Rabbit Hole Roasters | Montreal, QC

Guatemala: Yellow Cataui

Recently named Roaster of the Year, Rabbit Hole Roasters is an inspirational coffee company; roasting coffee by day, and fighting injustice by night. Based in Québec, the co-owners are passionate about ethical roasting and building strong relationships with farmers, importers, wholesale partners, and the coffee community.

Rabbit Hole
Ambros Gift

Ambros Coffee | Montreal, QC

Gift Card

When there are too many (amazing) options to choose from: gift card.
When you don’t know if they’re more of a dark roast or light roast person: gift card
When you don’t know if they’d prefer a Colombian or Ethiopian blend: gift card
When you don’t know if they’re into chocolatey or fruity tasting notes: gift card.

You’re welcome. Ambros coffee’s beautiful packaging is a gift in itself.

Cuppers Coffee | Lethbridge, AB

Medium Roast Coffee

Cupper’s Coffee based in Lethbridge, AB prides itself on its ethically-sourced organic coffee initiatives; they support fair-trade coffee and women in coffee growing communities. Their coffee is meticulously roasted and always freshly packed; an undeniably wonderful aroma!


For a Tea Sommelier

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea” – Henry James

Henry couldn’t have said it better; teatime is prime time. These gifts are the perfect way to bring a sip of paradise to someone’s day.

Wild Canadian Tea | Eganville, ON

Lucid Dream Tea

Hand-picked and ethically wildcrafted in the Canadian wilderness. This magical, fresh, and floral tea is said to enable vivid dreams. The perfect gift for those who enjoy organic caffeine-free tea.

Wild Canadian

Camellia Sinensis | Montreal, QC

Matcha Uji

Uuuuumami, if you already drink great matcha, you know this one is the real deal.

If you don’t drink matcha yet, Camellia Sinensis, based in Montreal, only offers the finest – perhaps you also want to ring in the new year with a nice dose of antioxidants for yourself.

Teaquility Co | Vaughan, ON


We all know someone who could benefit from some tranquili-tea in their life; this gift is for them. A supple blend of earl grey and lavender will have them feeling like they’re on Cloud 9.


For a Foodie

If you know people who:

  • find happiness in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert,
  • seek thrill and adventure in food,
  • are self-proclaimed or actual chefs,
  • like fancy foreign cheeses, or
  • say “charcuterie” with a French accent,

…this list is for them!

Ethical Table | North Vancouver, BC

Meet your match for the perfect holiday gift.

All Seasons: Everything Seasoning

When you hear “avocado toast”, we all have that one person who comes to mind. Now that you can see their face in your mind, imagine the look on it if they were receiving this gift!. BC-based Ethical table’s All Seasons spice is chef-innovated and is perfect for avo toast, French fries, veggies, and pretty much anything that one would want to deluxify (not a word, but you get the point).

Ethical Table

Arvinda’s | Mississauga, ON

New Indian Basics Cookbook

Pssst… you’re drooling; we know because we’ve been there.

Arvinda’s has mastered the art of Indian spices, no wonder they made a cookbook packed with delicious, authentic recipes that are sure to please any crowd.
Gifting a cookbook, in a way, is like sending a love letter. Go on, say what you need to say with butter chicken.

Chocosol Traders | Toronto, ON

Forest Garden Vanilla

“To craft revolutionary chocolate that is good for mind, body, and soil.” is the Chocosol’s mission. If revolutionary food is not in every foodie’s handbook, we don’t know what is.
Chocosol is based in Downtown Toronto where they make all of their treats by hand.


for a Paw Parent

Sometimes the best way to spoil your friends is by spoiling their pets. We can assure you that these gifts will paw-sitively please any dog mom/dad, cat caretaker, or pet parent.

Formula Raw | St-Laurent, QC

Freeze Dried Duck Liver for Dogs and Cats

The team at Formula Raw is made up of visionaries and pet nutrition specialists and engineers. Anything you find on their website is created with scientific knowledge, premium ingredients, and the best intentions for household pets. Duck liver pet treats are basically the crème de la crème of pet treats.

Formule Raw
Georgian Bay naturals

Georgian Bay Naturals | Meaford, ON

Sweet Potato Treats

For fancy vegan dogs and dogs with refined palates for succulent, organic root vegetables. Georgian Bay Naturals products are made with single- and contain no harmful additives or preservatives. The perfect gift for your health-conscious friend that aims to spoil their pup.

The Dancing Dog | Alberta

Happiness is meant to be shared, that’s what the Dancing Dog believes. Share the gift of 3 pup-tastic liver treats with a lucky pet parent. Dancing Dog, based in Alberta sources all of its raw protein from local farmers and their products are hand-crafted in small batches.

Dancing dog

For an Extraordinary Host

Holiday parties are a wonderful time to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, and spend time with family. If you’re like us, arriving empty-handed to a party kind of feels like showing up without pants on. Here are some great ideas for what to get your favourite party host/hostess.

Club Pantry | Hamilton, ON

Mulled Drink Kit

This mulled drink kit is every host’s dream. Trust us, you’ll be begging to be invited to their next party. Their website is currently under construction, but you can find their products in Ontario at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market.

Club Pantry

Bubby’s Bubbles | Montreal, QC

Spa Day Laundry Detergent

Every host knows that once the party is over, that’s when things get real. Cranberry sauce or red wine, you name the stain or smell, Bubby’s Natural laundry detergent gets the job done.
With this Spa Day-scented detergent, your favourite host will be excited to do laundry.

Eatable | Vaughan, ON

Poppy Caesar

Zesty? Yes. Delicious? Double yes. Gourmet? Yes again. This caesar-flavoured popcorn is guaranteed to be loved by your friends and fam at any event. Their movie nights just levelled up, and it’s all thanks to you. Free from corn syrup, artificial flavourings, and all that other no-good stuff, Eatable popcorn rakes in rave reviews.


Deb’s Dips | Newmarket, ON

Roaster Garlic Lovers

The perfect dip & seasoning mix for the perfect host. Deb’s Dips, founded in 2000, by passionate Dipologist, Deb, has perfected her dip and seasoning mixes to a state of mastery. You’ll want to throw in an extra bag for yourself – trust us.