Cowboy Coffee

Blackstar Cowboy Coffee offers a unique kind of “cowboy-style” coffee. This coffee is the only of its kind in the USA that is infused with super-fine eggshell to cut down acidity. It’s also the only coffee in the world to be instilled with sweet mesquite, a desert plant native to the Southern US. Blackstar came to Rootree in search of coffee bean bags for multiple product SKUs. Let’s saddle up and take a ride through this memorable project!
To showcase the uniqueness of Cowboy Coffee’s various products, Rootree aimed to design packaging that tells a story. To do so, each coffee blend’s pouch design featured a headshot of a different cowboy or cowgirl. Each persona was chosen to reflect the qualities of the blend; a well-lit “protagonist” type for the medium roast, a young, serious cowboy for the dark roast, a mysterious cowgirl with covered eyes for the sweet mesquite, a dangerous type for the super-caffeinated, and a grizzled old man for the decaffeinated. Paired with the logo, these headshots take up most prominence on the packaging, with the blend name and Unique Selling Point (super-fine eggshell infused) lower on the visual hierarchy. Rootree’s graphic designers also added eye-catching metallic effects on the bag’s “Authentic Recipe” star symbol. The back of the pouch shares Cowboy’s brand story, brewing methods, and other important information. Overall, the “badlands” background, cowboy imagery, font choice, and logo work cohesively to sell the idea that Blackstar Cowboy Coffee was the cowboy’s cup of choice, back in the day.
With new packaging design, Rootree’s graphic designers also created sell sheets for Cowboy Coffee. These sell sheets allow the client to easily leave their information with potential retailers. These details are clearly presented in a design that follows the brand’s guidelines and ensures easy reading. Using custom-designed sell sheets allows Cowboy Coffee to demonstrate professionalism and brand consistency when interacting with potential customers and partners.