Terrafirma Glamour

Terrafirma is a BC-based soil technology company that creates regenerative and organic products for all gardening projects, from small condo planters to industrial and commercial use. From the get-go, Terrafirma aimed to make their new business stand up and compete with the big players. The startup came to Rootree for branding and packaging — the Superior Package was a natural fit. Let’s dig into this down-to-earth creative project.

Terrafirma Logo Concept
Terrafirma Brandguide Collage
Terrafirma’s Superior Package was one of the quickest projects Rootree had ever created, with swift feedback from their team, clear communication, and a clear understanding of the client’s vision. Through brand development and a mood board session, Rootree’s Creative Services team worked with Terrafirma to decide on positioning and voice, all while getting a sense for the business’s likes and dislikes. With a solidified brand, Rootree’s graphic designers ran to the drawing board to create Terrafirma’s new logo. A couple quick revisions later, the client was thrilled with their brand new logo design — it was time to begin the packaging design for their largest SKU. Terrafirma’s packaging was designed with an emphasis on the science behind their regenerative soil products. They kept a clean aesthetic with a tech-like feel.
Terrafirma Coco
Terrafirma Gold
Terrafirma Platinum
With the packaging design complete, our designers got their hands dirty with Terrafirma’s SKU rollouts to extend their new look across their variety of amazing products.