Client Features

Marie Brossard, présidente et fondatrice chez Lulubelle, a un passé pas comme les autres. Originaire de Montréal, elle est trilingue Français, Anglais, Italien et possède la double nationalité: Canadienne et Italienne! Elle détient également une Baccalauréat en Administration des Affaires de l’UQAM.

Package design, brand and web development, social media strategy, and, of course, pouch printing and manufacturing – it took a Rootree village to successfully help launch SABADOS, a new brand of organic, fair-trade yerba mate.

On March 3rd, our team visited Ben Cullen of Cullen’s Foods at his humble abode in Guelph, Ontario to learn all about his bean biz.

As we entered his home, we were greeted by Ben and his St-Lucia Rescue Pup, Ruby.

Angie approached us in need of packaging which would better represent herself and her brand – and she needed it NOW.

Located deep in the valleys of Peru, LaPapampa is a small, family-owned orchard that has been providing fresh delicious mangoes to the local people since 1895.