Client Features

Comme toute bonne idée, tout a commencé lors d’un voyage; celui-ci au Sénégal. Guillaume et Sidi, amis dans la vie, se sont vite rendus compte des bénéfices du fruit du Baobab. Un super aliment riche en fibres naturelles, en calcium, en fer, en vitamine C, en antioxydants et en probiotiques. C’est lors d’une brève conversation qu’ils en ont appris autant ; inutile de vous dire que c’était le début d’une grande aventure.

Let’s take it back to 2015 when the idea for Maisha Tea was born. It all began when soon-to-be founder of Maisha Tea, Rachael Otukol, attended the African Innovation Foundation’s conference, Innovation Prize for Africa, in Morocco with her father. Upon leaving the conference, Rachael was inspired by the innovations of entrepreneurs.

We’re pleased to introduce Sophie & David, the co-founders of Rabbit Hole Roasters in Montreal, QC. Two young entrepreneurs who share a passion and dream, to create a new type of business.

Coffee is arguably one of the world’s most beloved beverages (it’s definitely well-loved by the Rootree team!); approximately 1 billion people worldwide drink at least one cup of coffee per day. The rich flavour, the caffeine hit, and the endless possibilities for creative coffee recipes…