Gift Guide
It’s once again that time of year where lists are drawn up and gifts are exchanged. While the holiday season is filled with relaxing activities, it can often be overshadowed by the craziness that is shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. To make it easier this year – because let’s face it, 2020 needs some simplicity! – we’ve compiled a collection of the top gifts for everyone on your list!

As always, supporting small and local businesses is important to us, which is why every brand listed here is a small business client of ours. Don’t forget to shop in advance to avoid shipping delays or stock shortages!

For the winter hibernators

Cacao70 | Montréal, Québec

What better way to enjoy the great indoors than to sit cuddled up under your largest, warmest blanket while sipping hot cocoa? Cacao70’s hot cocoa powder is the ultimate gift for the chocolate-lovers and house mouses on your list! Treat them to a little R&R this Holiday season by providing them with a way to enjoy chilly winter days. With classic flavours such as Dark Chocolate and Spicy Cocoa, there’s no way you can go wrong with this gift!


While Cacao70 doesn’t have an online store, they have locations all over Canada (and even in Guatemala!). Check out their store locator to find the location closest to you.

Brave Coffee & Tea Company

Brave Coffee & Tea Company | Waterbury, Vermont

Everyone knows a coffee connoisseur that loves nothing more than receiving new beans to try, so why not consider a coffee subscription box for the caffeine fiend on your list? Brave has some of the most deliciously roasted beans out there, and they even allow you to decide the grind level (if you would like the beans ground)!

Pluck Tea

Pluck Tea | Toronto, Ontario

The gift that just keeps giving, one of Pluck’s monthly tea subscriptions is a fail-safe way to check the tea lovers in your life off of your Holiday shopping list! With so many different options ranging from loose leaf to matcha, your loved ones will be over the moon excited to receive a (seemingly) never-ending gift.

Chocolat boréal

Chocolat boréal | Montréal, Québec

If you’re looking for a way to win over a chocolate lover’s heart, this gift set from Chocolat boréal is the way to do it! It comes with a large assortment of delicious chocolates that will have the recipient floating on air. Young or old, easy or hard to shop for, friend or family – nobody can say ‘no’ to some delicious chocolate.

For the sweet tooths

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts | Burlington, Ontario

One of the best ways to please a sweet tooth is to surprise them with the most delicious toffee they’ve ever tasted. With so many flavours to choose from, the toffee from Christy’s Gourmet Gifts will please even the most refined palate!

Christy’s Gourmet Gifts
Big Cove Foods

Big Cove Foods | Thornburn, Nova Scotia

Nothing says “I love you” like giving the gift of Big Cove Foods’ Salted Caramels! Pop a bag (or two!) of these into a stocking this season and we guarantee you’ll be known as “the best gift giver” among your family and friends.

Sugar Joy | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Life is all about balance … like finding the balance between sweet and sour candy! Sugar Joy’s Sweet and Sour Candy Box is the perfect gift for candy lovers in your life who like to switch things up, and what better way than to skip the used and tired Holiday gifts and opt for a new brand instead?

Sugar Joy
Fressy Bessie Foods Inc.

Fressy Bessie Foods Inc. | North York, Ontario

Who says cold sweet treats are just for the summer? Fressy Bessie’s Ice Lollies are the ultimate gift for anybody with a sweet tooth, and you’ll score bonus points among your friends and family who like to enjoy a frozen treat during winter!

For the Food Bloggers

Daily Dumpling Wonton Co. | Toronto, Ontario

The foodies in your life NEED to try out these handmade Wontons. Made fresh in Toronto, ON, these dumplings will give both the professional and amateur food bloggers in your life a reason to write home.

Daily Dumpling Wonton Co.
OatBox Canada

OatBox Canada | Montréal, Québec

Perfect for food lovers who could use some extra time in the morning, OatBox’s subscription box is the ultimate solution! Not only do they have tasty products, but you’re able to customize a subscription plan that works best for the recipient!

Flourish Pancakes | Toronto, Ontario

The ‘breakfast-for-dinner’ lovers on your list will appreciate receiving Flourish Pancakes’ Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix in their stocking this year! Packed with protein, these pancake mixes are both delicious AND nutritious, and will ensure your friends and family will think about you each time they make pancakes from this delicious mix.

Flourish Pancakes
Sun Under The Sea

Sun Under The Sea | Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Alternative dairy products are all the rage right now, and they aren’t going anywhere! Not only is Sun Under The Sea’s non-dairy creamer dairy-free, but it’s packed with collagen, helping you get the most out of your morning beverages and other tasty treats! Spoil your foodie-friend with this perfect product this Holiday season!

For the DIY-ers

Holy Kraut | Strathmore, Alberta

Perfect for those who jumped on the sourdough trend back in the spring (yet couldn’t quite manage to successfully create the perfect starter…), Holy Kraut’s Sourdough Starters and Kits will please any new bakers, bread lovers, and hands-on people! Check out the different flavours they have, and gift them to the DIY-ers on your list!

Holy Kraut
My Good Green

My Good Green | Barrie, Ontario

For the green thumbs, environmental activists, and food-lovers out there, My Good Green has Bokashi Plus and Bokashi Pro-Gro, which are amazing compost accelerators that allow you to turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich soil that’ll help your plants prosper! Pop one of these bags into their stocking this year, and they’ll thank you as their plants thrive through the next growing season!

Ethical Table Spice Company

Ethical Table Spice Company | Vancouver, British Columbia

There’s no better way to treat flavour lovers than to gift them with Ethical Table Spice Blends! Each of their flavours pack a punch and are sure to please the BBQ afficionados and chefs, professional or not, that receive them! With flavours like Seven Sea Togarashi, Canadian Seas, and Maple Espresso, how could you go wrong?

For the health food lovers


AKUA | Cotuit, Massachusetts

This is the perfect gift for vegetarian or vegan jerky lovers, or anyone who is just looking for some cool new alternatives! They’ll be thrilled to receive AKUA’s kelp jerky, and they’ll easily become obsessed with the amazing flavours offered in this variety pack! Give the gift of tastiness this Holiday season, and your friends and family will thank you for it.

Nutes Nutrition | Port Hope, Ontario

We all know a smoothie lover who would LOVE to receive this. Packed with superfoods and delicious fruit, the smoothie-addict in your life will be overjoyed to receive this thoughtful gift. So, go on, give this amazing gift to that super-person you’re thinking of right now.

Nutes Nutrition
Dutchman’s Gold

Dutchman’s Gold | Carlisle, Ontario

The perfect addition to smoothies, cereal, and yogurt, and a great way to tell your health food lovers that you’re thinking of them, Dutchman’s Gold’s Bee Pollen is the perfect gift! We can almost guarantee that they’ll be buzzing with joy when they receive this sweet treat in their stocking this year.


Lapapampa | Peterborough, Ontario

The only thing that can get close to the joy you feel when you eat a fresh mango is to munch on Lapapampa’s dried mangoes (which come straight from Peru), making it the perfect gift for any mango-addict on your list! They’ll be over the mango moon when they taste this delicious treat!