2022: Year in Review
The beginning of a new year often brings upon us a time of reflection.

2022 was an incredible year – although like any year, it presented its challenges and changes, it was full of hopeful, exciting, and defining moments.

In fact, in some ways 2022 was an epic year; from being able to gather at a cafe with friends and family, to Elton John embarking on his final tour, to the release of blockbuster movies like Top Gun: Maverick and Marvel’s Wakanda Forever, a long-awaited sense of normalcy returned to parts of the world.

Inspired by NASA’s images from deep in space this year, we also want to share a few Rootree moments that were out of this world:

Relaunched compostable packaging materials

Compostable Packaging
Thanks to our dedicated team and partners who have spent so much time performing research and development, we have launched a new lineup of compostable packaging that is greener, stronger, and better than ever.

We have developed a proprietary combination of bio-based, renewable, and non-GMO materials to create environmentally friendly, versatile, and short-run packaging that you can be proud of.

Read the full update from our CEO

New offering: creative video!

New Offering: Creative Video!
For our clients who want to take their brand’s presence to another level.
Our video crew is going to focus on creating specialty ads, promo videos, and other short films, like the “Seed to Shelf” video that we created in-house to showcase our services (and quirky personalities) .

We can’t wait to share more details about this exciting new offering!

RT | FOUNDATION Award contest

2022 RT Foundation Winners
One of our favourite moments of every year.

Created to celebrate the small business community, the RT | Foundation Award and RT | mini-Foundation contest ran in October and November

Award winners:

  • LiveOn Chocolate
  • Chien Gourmand

Mini-award winner:

  • Storm Plant Food

Bullfrog Power on-product mark

Bullfrog Power on-product mark
Our Bullfrog Power on-product mark has been a leaping success. Our clients can now add the mark to their packaging to let their clients know that their packaging was made by Rootree in a facility bullfrogpowered with 100% renewable electricity.

Trade shows

Expo East Trade Show

After almost two years without attending trade shows, 2022 was a steady travel year! Our team attended 7 trade shows:

  • CHFA West (Vancouver)
  • Specialty Coffee Expo (Boston)
  • SIAL (Montreal)
  • Beanstock Coffee Festival (Vancouver)
  • CHFA East (Toronto)
  • Natural Products Expo East (Philadelphia)
  • PLMA Annual Trade Show (Chicago)

Rootree’s recycled t-shirts

Rootree’s Recycled T-Shirts

We partnered with Ungalli Clothing, a Canadian company based in Thunder Bay and co-founded by two sisters, to create Rootree T-Shirts that are sustainably made using recycled PET bottles.

Compared to typical t-shirts, each Ungalli shirt saves:

  • 10 PET bottles
  • 41 days of drinking water
  • 7 hours of lightbulb energy
  • 1km of driving emissions

Thanks to our partnership with Ungalli, in 2022 we were able to make the following environmental impact :

  • 89.9kg CO2e of emissions avoided
  • 138.0 kWh of energy conserved
  • 31.1kg of waste diverted
  • 123,469.7L of water saved
  • 345.7km of driving emissions avoided
  • 95.9 days of bulb energy saved
  • 3273.5 PET bottles recycled
  • 64, 984.1 days of drinking water saved

Not only are we committed to our values of sustainability and innovation, but now, we’re doing it in style.

RESIN program

Our RESIN program was in full swing in 2022.

We planned lots of activities which brought us all together and further strengthened our work relationships.

  • lunches in the park and at the beach
  • yoga, kickball, ice skating
  • cupcake, pancake, and popcorn days
  • movie lunches, trivia
  • bonus half & full days-off
  • movement challenge

We are excited to announce that we will be starting optional French classes for our staff in 2023!

RESIN Program
Pumpkin and Plaids
Thank you to those who continue to support Rootree and this fantastic journey toward a green future built on entrepreneurship and innovation.

We have a great feeling about what’s to come in 2023!