A message from our CEO

Dear Customers,

I have an exciting update regarding our endeavour to make the most sustainable products available! Right now, we are on the edge of a fantastic new product line in our compostable material stream that will replace all compostable products we currently make. With our dedicated team, many years of research and development, as well as the environmental stewardship that we are so committed to, a lot of progress is underway!

As we continuously develop this line, there are many upgrades we’re making along the way, especially as the demand to make “e-commerce ready” packaging grows alongside the rapidly expanding e-commerce market.

However, with this progress comes a need to temporarily halt commercial production on our line of home compostable pouches. Transitioning our home compostable films to adapt to this new e-commerce workflow has certainly been a challenge. During this pause, we will be busy altering some of the materials and processes we use in making the compostable packaging for the benefit of a better, stronger (and therefore even more sustainable), product.

To say that Rootree is committed to sustainability would be an under-statement, just as you wouldn’t say a tree is committed to producing oxygen – as it’s a force of nature, it just does it. In the same fashion, sustainability is deeply ingrained into Rootree’s DNA, and one doesn’t come without the other.

Stay tuned while we refresh, reinvent, and complete the Phase 3 development of our compostable product line. You’ll be back to using a better, stronger version of the compostable packaging you love in the new year, we promise! In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support and hope we can continue to serve all of your packaging needs with our conventional and recyclable product streams.

Phil St-Cyr
President & CEO